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Vet with dog and cat. Puppy and kitten at doctor. 
Guinea pig with shopping cart on brown background:
Meise mit Raupe am Vogelhaus:
Parrot eats from dry ear grass. Cute green budgie sits in cage:
Male hand cleaning aquarium using magnetic cleaner.
Newly populated fresh aquarium with planted algae, no fish
Young female hands put foaming shampoo on a guinea pig that sits in a sink with water. Bathing a rodent. The concept of caring for animals.
Cute funny rabbits in zoological garden
A Syrian hamster peeking out of its cage
Cute funny rat and decorative wooden car on table
hamster among colored Food for rodents on a gray background
Trockenfutter im Napf
English cocker spaniel puppy eating dog food
Hund im Auto
Happy dog with colorful toy running and playing at spring fresh green grass lawn
Dog taking a bath
Mix breed tan brown puppy canine dog lying down on soft white blanket in basket looking happy, pampered, hopeful, sweet, friendly, cute, adorable, ...
A funny dog with sad eyes is holding a leash in his mouth and waiting in the street for his master.
Dog sitting in the winter in a red coat
Funny head of a happy cute jack russell puppy pet dog - web banner idea
little fluffy kitten on a gray background
Cat sleeping
abyssinian cat eating meat from bowl on table
Adorable grey cat near litter box indoors. Pet care
Cute tabby cat sitting in a travel crate or pet carrier and look sideways, banner size, copyspace for your individual text.
Woman using a comb brush the Persian cat 
Cute funny Thai cat playing with scratching post at home
Cute Baby Cat Playing At Home
Cat food and water in bowls on wooden table
cat and dog play on the floor:
Tabby cat sleeping on gray plaid wool blanket with tassels. Sleeping cat - perfect dream. Indoor shoot with natural light, warm and nice ambiance:
Man with dog: